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Mormor Monologues: Experience, react and respond from August 7th

July 21, 2009
Photo: Karoline Hjorth

Photo: Karoline Hjorth

Gran, granny, grandmum or nana. Mormor is the Norwegian nana, the one who always listens, gives advice, nurtures and comforts.

But is anyone listening to mormor?

According to World Economic Forum’s latest report on gender equality Norway ranks as number one worldwide and The Scandinavian Model is high political fashion.

More than 100 years of women’s liberation movement and 30 years after the Act on Gender Equality entered into force, the entire living patterns of half the Norwegian population have changed.

Having witnessed, shaped and participated in the paradigm shifts from WW2 to the digital revolution, the archetype of the Norwegian old woman is still negotiating the entry requirements for a place in the proud collective national memory.

Challenging the idea and cultural construction of the myth of the old woman, Mormor Monologues puts ten versions of mormor online, serving up an eclectic cocktail of  stories, experiences, anecdotes, rants and reflections.

Experience, react and respond from August 7th.